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Intermittent Fasting 101

March 17, 2020 18:30
March 17, 2020 21:00
Gotthardstrasse 34, 8800 Thalwil, Switzerland   View map


Deliciously healthy snacks will be served

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People have been fasting in one way or another for decades. You’ve heard about it before, people swear by it, but what’s the hype all about? Is there a wrong way of intermittent fasting? Is it just about skipping breakfast?


Join us and find out:
– What is intermittent fasting?
– What are the health benefits?
– What are the different methods?
– Who should avoid intermittent fasting?
– What does intermittent fast and bulletproof coffee have in common?
– How can you benefit the most out of fasting without feeling starved?


Join Certified Health Coach Danna Levy Hoffmann as she helps you navigate through today’s convoluting mountain of information, and find out how intermittent fasting can help you!


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