A Bit More About Me

In case you were wondering…

Can you relate?

12 years ago I was 20kg overweight. I was suffering from a host of chronic issues from head to toe, and popping antidepressants during the day and sleeping pills at night. I was miserable to say the least. Going on another diet (weight watchers this time) just made me feel more miserable.

There are soooo many reasons why diets simply don’t work. The main reason is that instead of making us heal our relationship with food, it’s ruining it even more. And seriously, combining math and food is the most evil thing ever!! (Ok, Math and I were never friends, but still…).

Needless to say that 12 years ago, that diet didn’t work for me. None of them did. What worked for me was discovering what food fuels my body, and what food depletes it. What food is making me ill and what food is medicine for me. What really worked for me 12 years ago, and what works for my clients until today, is making friends with our bodies, healing our relationship with food, and moving away from deprivation. Once you reach that stage, you no longer have to fear or feel guilty about what goes into your mouth.

To make a long story short (I’ll do my best anyways), after giving birth to my boys who are 15 months apart, I was in a miserable shape. Shortly prior to the birth of my firstborn, I lost the person who was the most dear to me – my grandmother – to cancer. We saw her deteriorate for 4 years until giving up the battle to lymphoma. Shortly after my second was born, I found out my mother had the same cancer but a more rare version of it.

The combination of all of the above, plus living away from my family, was a true struggle to say the least. And now being a new mom and feeling like I’m losing control of my identity, my body, and my life, hit me hard. I was burnt out, and there was no one who could help, no matter how hard people tried. It’s funny how life works sometimes, but one day after another unfortunate event, something in me clicked. I realised the antidepressants are not making me happier, just numb. I realised that the frequent doctor’s visits weren’t helping much and only making me more miserable since he kept telling me “it’s all in your head”. I realised I don’t even recognise myself in the mirror anymore, and that Weight Watchers was adding wood to the misery fire. But most of all, I realised I don’t want to have the same misfortune happen to my little family unit. I didn’t want my kids to one day tell the story of how they lost their grandma to cancer, and that their mom has the same illness.

This lead me to start doing some of my own research, and learn more about my own health issues. I started treating my chronic sinus infection, and noticed it was A LOT more helpful than the treatment my doctor kept providing me with. I stopped dieting and started focusing more on my health, which slowly but surely helped me shed the extra weight. I even started taking supplements which helped me come off of my antidepressants. And most importantly, I started prioritising myself, my health, and my wellbeing, which was the only way I could finally take care of my family better. It was a journey that took me years (and if I’m true to myself, I still am and forever will be on this beautiful journey), but I was fixed on helping other women avoid getting to where I got.

Today I eat more than I did back then, and don’t have to struggle to maintain my weight, or my happiness ❤️

I am now a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, FMCA Certified & IIN Gut Health Certified, with a background in psychology. I dedicated the past decade to keep growing and developing, and helping incredible women understand just how incredible they really are – by working on self love, on healing their relationship with food, and giving their gut what it needs in order to support their health and livelihood. My goal is to help others reach deliciously sustainable lifestyle changes. Enjoy life, and enjoy every bite of food you eat. No diets, no deprivation!