A Bit More About Me

In case you were wondering…

Hi, my name is Danna

I’m a happily married, silly, fun loving, food obsessed, 2-boy-raising, passionate health and lifestyle coach. I’ve started my entrepreneurship journey with Miso Cute Cooking – healthy cooking courses for kids and their parents, over 5 years ago, but have been on a healthy-lifestyle journey since 2010. I am a proud graduate of The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, and loving every single piece which make the puzzle of my life. But it hasn’t always been the case.

My story will forever start with my grandmother, who was a huge influence in my life when I was younger, and even more so after her death. I could talk about grandma for days, but I promised to keep this short, so if you want to hear more about my grandma’s story you can watch this short video below (IGNITE), and read here (Grandma blog).

In combination with everything that happened with grandma, shortly after I gave birth to both of my boys, we found out that my mother had two types of cancer. That and being about 20kg more than I ever was, was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back. Although I tried every diet in the book, from Weight Watchers to Atkins to anything in between, deep inside me I felt this was all wrong! I was feeling MISERABLE! I was feeling DEPRIVED! And most importantly, I was HUNGRY. ALL. THE. TIME! Was this really it? Could I live a healthy life AND lose weight at the same time? And if so, will I really have to eat lettuce three times a day for the rest of my life???

I started studying and investigating, I found some amazing experts to follow, and although it took me a good few years, I’ve managed to find a diet-free, deprivation-free, hunger-free lifestyle!

Was it easy?


I had no one to hold my hand and guide me. No one to explain that each body will function differently on the same food or diet.


It was that hardship that lead me to the decision to help women like YOU, to reach a healthier lifestyle where you too can enjoy the food you eat, the extra energy you gain, and the extra time you have, all while living a deliciously healthy lifestyle, and living it in a sustainable way!

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