Reset Your
Health With An
Urban Cleanse!

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What Is An Urban Cleanse Program

The 30-Day Urban Cleanse is a program which helps those looking to cleanse their bodies but need it to fit their urban life. Rather than pulling you away from your work, family and day-to-day life, the Urban Cleanse program helps you integrate different eating and lifestyle habits to your everyday life. No more crazy diets that leave you hungry and deprived. No traveling across the world to get a week of relaxation just to come back to the madness that is your life. In the Urban Cleanse program, we are keeping it real, and working on doable and sustainable goals!

Lose weight, feel energized, strengthen your immune system, and enjoy every single bite! YOU WON’T BE LEFT HUNGRY, GUARANTEED!

What Will Urban Cleanse Do For Me?

What You Get

Initial consultation
Danna’s E-book
2-week menu plan
Shopping list
Amazing recipes
Weekly group calls
Access to our exclusive WhatsApp group for daily communications

What You Lose

Brain fog
Feeling exhausted
Irritated skin
Sleepless nights
Feeling heavy
Feeling unhappy
Unbalanced weight

What You Learn

Self love
Low carb High fat
Intermittent fast
Upgraded food
Sleep and stress
“Good” vs. “Bad”
Truth about sugar

Isn’t This Going To Be Expensive?

The program value is €450.-

Luckily you’ll be joining at a perfect time and will only pay €275 .-

That’s only €9.10 per day for a positive upgrade to your overall health,

with recipes and changes that will stay with you for life!

Is This Program For Me?

Women who are currently under stress and want to re-charge.
Women looking for a smooth and friendly transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle.
Women who are looking for science-based methods and great results.
Women who don’t believe in
crash diets.
Women who can benefit from having a ready-made shopping list, menu plan and simple-to-follow recipes.
Women looking for support and like-minded ladies to go on a magical journey with.

Hello! My name is Danna Levy Hoffman, and for the last 6 years,
I’ve been helping people create and maintain healthier lifestyles
without strict diets and deprivations!


I’m a certified IIN Health Coach specializing in gut health,
passionate about helping women everywhere heal their relationship
with their food, their health, and their bodies.


Why Now?

The real question is, why not?
When you go on this 30-day journey with me and other like-minded ladies, you’ll be feeling better than
you have ever felt before. You’ll be able to make smart choices and follow an easy plan of action which
will help you gain amazing results while spending less time in the kitchen and at the gym, and enjoying every single bite!

Don’t miss out on the next

monthly program starting in

Is the Urban Cleanse program suitable for different diets such as vegan, vegetarian and carnivore?

YES! During the program you’ll be able to get your menu plan of choice – omnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan. Rather than expecting you to change your ways, the Urban Cleanse accommodates to your needs, and tweak the way you look at food and food choices. It will NOT try to convince you that your choice is not the right one!

It this a weight-loss program?

The point of the program is to gain health. Weight-loss usually follows, if there are not other health issues unknown to us which might be standing in the way. Most people who go through the Urban Cleanse program enjoy steady weight- loss, energy gain, feeling happier and more focused while feeling satisfied by the meals and snacks provided in the menu plan.
If you suspect that something is stoping you from losing weight, I would recommend booking a free consultation call with me to discover if the Urban Cleanse program is right for you.

Will I have to cook different meals for myself as for my family?

NO! The program is not a diet, but rather a reasonable switch to a healthier lifestyle. The recipes will be suitable for anyone joining the dining table! They are delicious and satisfying, and will not leave anyone feeling deprived.

Who is the program not for?

Those who are looking to starve themselves, go on extreme diets, or lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Those looking for a quick fix and seeing results without making changes.

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