Living a healthy lifestyle

begins with the right guidance

• Is a lack of energy or motivation holding you back
from reaching personal goals?

• Have you tried numerous diet plans or routines
without success?

• Do you want to feed your family more nutritious meals,
but lack the time?

I want you to know that you aren’t alone
and you have options!

When it all becomes too overwhelming, and you need real help,
I want to give you the tools to move you forward in life.


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Ellie Isacs

Ellie Isacs came to me, desperate to change her relationship with food. Ellie wanted to lose weight, and as time went by, she simply stopped eating, thinking that at least that way, she will manage to do so. Unfortunately that trick didn't work for her, and she had developed such a bad relationship with food, that it was hard for her to even imagine enjoying it again.

Ellie joined my 3 month program, and already within the first month she had started feeling great. She was eating more, gaining both energy as well as love for food again. Listen to what she has to say.

Angela Menendez

Meet Angela (Angie) Menendez. Angie joined my three month program after struggling to find the motivation to encourage her family to eat healthier, and not being completely sure what "healthier" even meant.

In addition, Angie also noticed that her 7 year old son's eczema on both legs was getting worse. He would itch and scratch miserably, even in his sleep! This was the final push that made her determined to change it all.

The progress both Angie and her whole family made is simply amazing. Her son's eczema has disappeared, and the whole family is feeling more energized and happy!

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Program Benefits

Savor Life, Bite by Bite



When you join this amazing peer-focused program, you’ll not only face challenges with people who share like-minded goals, you will have a wide range of support services perfect for helping you stay on track.


If you are….


- A woman who understands each person has different nutritional and lifestyle needs

- Ready to reach that vibrant, healthy lifestyle you always wanted

- Ready to achieve the goals you set yourself in a relaxed and fun manner


… and you are looking to…


- Have more energy to enjoy life to the fullest

- Understand what nutrition is right for your own body, putting aside calories, carbs, and fats

- Form a beautiful relationship with food, and fuel your body in abundance

- Reach your ideal weight and keep it

- Get endless recipes that are easy to make and last a lifetime

- Receive personal hands-on guidance and support


This program is perfect for you!

Still not sure?

Let’s talk, and decide if we’re a good match in working together!

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More Testimonials

Franziska Linder

Meet Franziska (Fränzi) Linder. Fränzi joined my program very sceptical. Never mind that she didn’t believe eating more would actually help her lose weight, but she didn’t believe she would actually find the time to cook healthier in the little time she has left during the week!

I’m happy to report that Fränzi has meanwhile lost 10kg and still going strong!! She's feeling more energized and balanced, and is not planning on going back to her old habits any time soon.  The rest, you should hear from her 🙂

Hédi Gyarmati

Meet Hédi Gyarmati. Hédi and her husband approached me a year ago, with their adorable baby boy on tow, asking for help. They have decided to lean towards a plant based diet, but they had no clue on how to actually go about it. How could they provide the entire family with nutritious meals but still have time to tend to the little human who’s growing before their eyes?

Hédi had a pretty rough relationship with cooking, something that started at a young age already, and brought back some heavy feelings and memories for her. This meant that her husband was the main cook in the house, but she wanted to change that around. The transformation that's been happening in Hédi's household is inspiring! Check out what she has to say about working together 🙂

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About Me

Hi, my name is Danna Levy Hoffmann,

and not too long ago I was struggling to overcome my post baby weight and the overwhelming feelings that weighed me down even more. I was even that person who was asked if they were pregnant when I was carrying two little ones in my arms.

What’s more, I let it drag me down until I had zero energy, didn’t want to cook healthy meals, and simply couldn’t lose excess weight no matter what I did. I simply didn’t recognize myself in the mirror and became depressed and desperate.

When reality finally took hold, I knew that I had to transform my life if I wanted to raise two healthy, strong and happy boys; especially when I had to keep up with their energy levels!

That’s why over the last 7 years I worked hard to help retrain my mind, body and soul and do the same for more than 2,000 people!

It was through intense training, education, and hands-on learning that I could

retrain my mind, body and soul over the last 7 years; and help more than 2,000 people do the same!

Since that time, I’ve led webinars, seminars, workshops and cooking shows for companies such as UBS, SIEMENS, IKEA, Curious Courses and so many others.

I’ve also been featured in numerous health and nutrition magazines, radio channels and publications, including Zürcher Oberländer, Life Channel, Girlfriend Guide to Zurich, This Life magazine, Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine and more—all the while inspiring others to make positive, healthy choices along their own journey.

It is my life’s mission to change how we perceive eating, how we approach dieting, and how we can live healthier, happier lives. And now it’s your turn!

Together, I know that we can turn your life around, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!



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