Stop Dieting.
Start Re-Educating.

Heal Your Relationship with Food, for Good.

*Urban Cleanse [Verb]
/ˈər-bən/  /ˈklenz/          [Noun]

1. Fuelling your body right and feeling great, without interrupting your busy life.
2. Where psychology, science, and nutrition meet, to make healthy living simple.

Personalized coaching – using food to your benefit, not your demise

You’re doing your best to eat healthy, but you feel stuck

It’s time to discover what works for you and your lifestyle!

Balance your hormones

reach your ideal weight

Manage your chronic illnesses

gain the energy & productivity you deserve

Adopt a diverse daily routine

learn to create quick delicious meals

Danna Ley Hoffmann

Hi, I’m Danna!

After years of studying nutrition, psychology, and functional medicine, I’ve come to realize that being healthy should never mean feeling deprived. Let me guide you through the process of healing your relationship with food, understanding what’s right for you, and making better-informed decisions about what fuels your body and mind. Giving you the foundation for a healthy life that’s easy and enjoyable!

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You Deserve to…

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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