Listen to what my clients have to say about their deliciously sustainable lifestyle changes!

Confidence in the kitchen has skyrocketed

Meet Nina K. Nina and I have been working together for the past year now, in my private VIP program. When I met Nina, she was not at all comfortable in the kitchen, and when I say not at all, I mean it! She was uncomfortable with ingredients, measurements, and flavors. She was unsure of what to use when and how, and her family complained to her about her food all the time (which obviously didn’t help either). I’m proud to say that Nina is now lightyears from where we first started! Her confidence in the kitchen has skyrocketed, she now not only makes my recipes happily and easily, she also tries other recipes, and is not timid anymore when it comes to measurements and new flavors. She’s happy to invite friends over for meals, and show off her new cooking skills. And her friends and family are so happy with the food she serves them, they are actually trying to push her to open a restaurant!!! Now how about that for progress 🙂

Nina K.
June 6, 2017

The Results Were Amazing

Meet Monika Krupa. Monika was already full of information and knowledge when it came to healthy eating when I met her. She had her life around as well as her entire family four years prior to us working together. She had managed to tackle her family’s numerous health issues already, but was feeling stuck. She was lacking recipes that are quick and easy to make, and are nutritious and delicious at the same time. The whole family felt bored of eating the same old thing day in and day out. Together with me, she started introducing some new ingredients and recipes to the dining table, and the results were amazing. She no longer had to waste her time trying to find recipes that would fit her family’s needs, be super nutritious, AND have her in and out of the kitchen in no time. It’s been such a joy working with Monika and helping her develop where she was lacking.

Monika Krupa
June 28, 2017

The Transformation Is Inspiring!

Meet Hédi Gyarmati. Hédi and her husband approached me a year ago, with their adorable baby boy on tow, asking for help. They have decided to lean towards a plant based diet, but they had no clue on how to actually go about it. What ingredients are the supposed to use? What would be healthy for both them and their baby? How could they provide the entire family with nutritious meals but still have time to tend to the little human who’s growing before their eyes? Hédi had a pretty rough relationship with cooking, something that started at a young age already, and brought back some heavy feelings and memories for her. This meant that her husband was the main cook in the house, and she wanted to change that around. The transformation that’s been happening in Hédi’s household is inspiring! Check out what she has to say about working with me 🙂

Hédi Gyarmati
July 6, 2017

Gained Both Energy as Well as Love For Food Again

Ellie Isacs came to me, desperate to change her relationship with food. Ellie wanted to lose weight, and as time went by, she simply stopped eating, thinking that at least that way, she will manage to do so. Unfortunately that trick didn’t work for her, and she had developed such a bad relationship with food, that it was hard for her to even imagine enjoying it again. Ellie joined my 3 month program, and already within the first month she had started feeling great. She was eating more, gaining both energy as well as love for food again. Listen to what she has to say.

Ellie Isacs
July 6, 2017

Feeling more energized and happy

Meet Angela (Angie) Menendez. Angie joined my three month program after struggling to find the motivation to encourage her family to eat healthier, and not being completely sure what “healthier” even meant. They would often just do it the ‘easy’ way and go with what they knew the kids would eat, which pretty much meant pasta, bread, cheese etc… In addition, Angie also noticed that her 7 year old son’s eczema on both legs was getting worse. He would itch and scratch miserably, even in his sleep! This was the final push that made her determined to change it all. The progress both Angie and her whole family made is simply amazing. The beginning wasn’t easy, but now the kids have become a lot more adventurous, eating things they wouldn’t even look at before. Her son’s eczema has disappeared, and the whole family is feeling more energized and happy. Angie is happy that she’s on the path to a healthier lifestyle, and doesn’t have to spend too long in the kitchen. Sounds like a win-win for everyone if you ask me 🙂

Angela Menendez
July 6, 2017

Joined the program very skeptical

Meet Franziska (Fränzi) Linder. Fränzi joined my program very skeptical. Never mind that she didn’t believe eating more would actually help her lose weight, but she didn’t believe she would actually find the time to cook healthier in the little time she has left during the week! I’m happy to report that Fränzi has meanwhile lost 10kg and still going strong!! The rest, you should hear from her 🙂

Franziska Linder
July 6, 2017

You changed my life!

I met Sophie Benker exactly one year ago, at UBS, where I was asked to come and give a talk about Nemesis Sugar (And It’s Evil Sidekick Flour). It was during that one hour, that affected the rest of her life as she knows it. And I didn’t even know about it until we randomly bumped into one another. “You changed my life!” was the first thing Sophie said to me. She then told me that after listening to my talk, she had decided to quit sugar, AND become vegan! She was sugar free for a whole 8 months straight, which is amazing! As for any other human on earth, she fell off the wagon a few months ago, and fell back into the sugar addiction. Luckily she could join my talks at UBS and get remotivated to get back on the sugar-free lifestyle 🙂 Since then she makes sure I come and talk every year at the UBS Global Health Week, and cover different topics, which I simply love doing!

Sophie Benker
November 8, 2017

I thought the change would be much harder!

Meet Karen Jensen. When Karen joined the Nutrifix program only one month ago, she was hoping to get some guidance on how to shed some weight off and gain a bit more energy along the way. She was convinced she was eating relatively healthy and wanted to make a change and see some actual results. When we got on our monthly call, the first thing Karen said to me was: “Everything is really good actually! I’m really surprised, I thought the change would be much harder!” At first, Karen thought the changes are going to be impossible. But with a bit of guidance she started trying new things, and as time went by became more adventurous. Karen is convinced that this new lifestyle even got her and her husband through the flu season untouched, even though their daughter was home sick for 7 days. Funny enough, after being on the program for a short time, and being invited to a birthday party, both Karen and her husband realised that they’re not interested in going back to their old lifestyle.Karen is now enjoying getting positive comments about the way she looks and feels. She’s feeling lighter on her feet, and her husband is losing weight as well. Karen managed to lose 6.5 kilos in the first month already, and have lost a total of over 12 kilos meanwhile!

Karen Jensen
February 17, 2018

A New and Different Perspective

Danna has helped both myself and my family to discover new and simple ways to eat and be healthy. Her suggestions and tips together with her continuing support has encouraged and motivated us to try new things and look at food from a new and different perspective. I would highly recommend Danna as a knowledgeable, understanding and dedicated health coach, thanks Danna!

Angela Menendez
May 18, 2018

I Feel More Empowered

I’ve loved working with Danna and learning so much about nutrition. I feel so much more empowered in the kitchen now and that confidence results in trying new things, being much more relaxed and feeling happy that my small girls (and my husband and I) are being exposed to new flavours and experiences. I definitely eat a lot more veggies, less dairy and little sugar. Its fun trying new veggies and discovering curious things about my tastebuds (I hate raw fennel but LOVE it roasted) It’s definitely a process of continual learning and I’m so glad to be plugged into the Facebook group which re-inspires and encourages me. So a big thanks Danna for your enthusiasm and energy in giving me a new attitude and aptitude for healthy eating and living!

Bella Glover
May 18, 2018

A Significant Change

Danna has made a significant change to how we eat as a whole family. She has shaped the way we approach food and more important the skills we pass on to our children about nutrition. I love her inspiration, recipes and ideas. She is competent and was always passionate to find the right solution for us. Thanks so much Danna for all your support! I can highly recommend working with Danna!

Katrin Rossi
May 18, 2018

Life Changing Result

I started just at the right time with Danna’s program. I always liked to eat, but I had zero ideas what to cook… Danna opened up so much more variety how to prepare veggies and make them the star of your meal and not just a side dish. Thanks to Danna, I also enjoy cooking now and our dishes offer way more variety. The great thing about her is, she gives you the complete experience, from meal planning to tips & tricks for preparation, how to “healthyfy” recipes you already like and how to make delicious snacks and nibbles one can enjoy without feeling bad. And always with her personal attention to you and your needs. Thank you Danna, I can absolutely recommend you. Your program is work and needs commitment, yes, but thanks to your persistence the result has been life-changing! I need less sleep and in general I feel fitter, because my body doesn’t have to struggle with the “wrong” food.

Rebekka Wood
May 19, 2018

It Feels So Good To Eat Healthy Food

I can highly recommend Danna. From the beginning I was fascinated with Danna’s recipes because not only are they very healthy but also they are very tasty! I love this combination! Ever since I started working with Dana I have mostly stopped eating gluten because I realized that it makes me tired. I would never have thought that I could live without bread, but Danna showed me so many different options to eat other healthy and delicious foods instead. I generally feel more energized and it feels so good to eat healthy food. Danna always answers any of my questions super fast and is a continuous inspiration for new recipes for me. It has enriched my life. Thank you Danna.

Marion Koch
June 6, 2018

1.5 weeks into the program

I’ve often thought about moving to a healthier lifestyle, but was never sure where to start and it seemed like a lot of effort. However, in her Urban Cleanse Danna made it really easy and fun to do. She gave lots of clear advice throughout and was very generous in the knowledge she shared with us. We had lots of delicious and ‘doable’ recipes to try and doing it with a supportive group made it fun. I believe I’ve been able to make some big and lasting changes for the health of myself and my family going forward.

Melitta Campbell
February 5, 2020

2 weeks into the program

“I really enjoyed my Urban Cleanse with Danna. It was exciting to discover new approaches to my diet. As a vegan, Danna helped me adapt and custom-made recipes for me. Indeed the weekly meal plans were a fun way to add novelty in the kitchen, and several of the recipes were declared “the best ever” by my relatively fussy 12 year old. Danna promised an energy boost and moderate weight loss – and I experienced both. Short nights seem to affect me less and I have lost 2 kgs in one month. Danna has lovingly and expertly set the scene and given me the tools and knowledge I need.

Tanya Murphy
February 5, 2020

A gift to last a lifetime…

Ditto to everything this client said. I myself was diagnosed with a herniated disk in October (a big wake up call to change what I have been doing almost all my life with food for my own health) and saying yes to your program in January has so far been the best thing ever for myself and for my family. I feel good about what I am providing them the last 3 weeks with all the new recipes of real food and so much knowledge your program has provided me. I told my 17-year-old if the best thing I can provide my children is the gift of health with tasty raw food the know mom gifted you all a gift to last a lifetime…your health.

Diana Fluehmann
April 3, 2021

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