Listen to what my clients have to say about their deliciously sustainable lifestyle changes!

Urban Cleanse At Home

Growing Confidence in the Kitchen!

Hédi and her husband approached me in 2015. Wanting to work on Hédi’s confidence in the kitchen, and moving towards a vegan diet, meant they needed all the support they could get.

Cooking No Longer a Mystery!

“I want to gain confidence in my kitchen, can you help?” In just a few months Negar gathered so much knowledge and information, as well as proper cooking skills!

A New and Different Perspective

Danna has helped both myself and my family to discover new and simple ways to eat and be healthy. Her suggestions and tips together with her continuing support has encouraged and motivated us to try new things and look at food from a new and different perspective. I would highly recommend Danna as a knowledgeable, understanding and dedicated health coach, thanks Danna!

Gisela Andrade

Confidence in the Kitchen Skyrocketed!

We’ve been working together now for about a year and I heard about the program and getting confidence with cooking and I thought, wow, what a great idea. I love to cook, but I have virtually no confidence. I was very, very rigid. I could only work with recipes. I was very focused on exact measurements. I had no creativity at all in the kitchen and I wanted some help to get past that and to really be more comfortable, just grabbing stuff out of the fridge and making them come together. And I have to say after about six lessons, I’m definitely there. I’m a bit more, free-spirited in my kitchen. It has been an amazing experience and the recipes, oh my God. So delicious!

Nina K.

Urban Cleanse Virtual 1:1

Feel Amazing, More Energy, Tummy Feels Much Better!

The wonderful Anne spent 6 months working with me, “preparing” for her wedding. Listen to what she has to say.

I Was Intimidated but
We are Loving it!

On our second call, the first thing Karen said to me was: “Everything is really good actually! I’m really surprised, I thought the change would be much harder!”

A Whole New World

I started working with Danna last year, where we focused together on 3 very specific goals – to have a better handle on the foods that would provide me with energy, experience better sleep and have consistently a more diverse range of healthy recipes to create in the kitchen. In the time we worked together I not only achieved those goals but can confidently say the experience really opened up a whole new world for me, and the best part about all of this is it continues to evolve. When Danna talks about her goals of creating sustainable lifestyle changes, she truly delivers. I have become more curious and mindful about the type of food I choose to eat and provide to my family, what I cook and the way I cook has completely changed and I genuinely really enjoy being in the kitchen. I have a different understanding of what my own body needs and I know what food makes me feel good and which doesn’t and I can now make informed choices around that understanding. And through it all I only feel like I have gained from the experience – there has been no feeling of cutting out or abstaining or missing out. It has been a truly wonderful journey which I encourage everyone to take, you owe it to yourself!

Tessa James

You’re Worth It!

I first met Danna in February 2019. I had recently lost both my parents and split up with my long term girlfriend. In the grip of depression, I had stopped all fitness related activities, cut myself off from most of my friends, was binge eating badly & pretty much struggling to find a reason to continue. Needless to say, the first session was difficult and I remember struggling to keep it together as I Skyped her from a hotel in Scotland.

From that low-point, Danna has been one of a small group of people who helped bring me back from the brink. Working together on a daily basis (WhatsApp, Cara), she initially started to change my approach to nutrition, step by step … from reducing my coffee intake (14 a day with cream and sugar!), to moving to a balanced plate (50% carbs, 25% good fat, 25% protein), sourcing fresh, non-processed produce, to using “good” fat and eliminating dairy products, introducing time restricted eating and adopting a plant-based diet… among a 100 other things!
Our initial 6-month engagement was interrupted by a serious health issue … a triple bypass…. and I had to suspend our sessions which she agreed to without hesitation. However, during this time, Danna stayed in touch throughout and checked in with me multiple times during and after my operation to offer her support. Indeed, I remember a large crate of fruit arriving at the hospital the day I was moved from the intensive care unit with a kind note to enjoy!

Fast forward one year. We still meet bi-weekly. She still checks what I eat daily, offers feedback, advice and occasionally kicks my ass when I need it. Thanks to her (and that small group of specialists who helped me in so many ways), I’m largely free of my depression (I still have the occasional bad day). I eat largely a plant based diet and am much more selective about my food. My binge eating has dramatically decreased and my weight is stable and decreasing. I’m back training at the gym 3-4 times per week. I’m engaged again with all my friends and I’ve found the joy in living again!

So, thank you Danna from the bottom of my heart. I would not be here without your efforts, advice, humor and friendship. And, if you are reading this and find yourself struggling and identifying with some of the issues I mention, I can only recommend her in the highest possible terms. Hire her. It will make a difference. And, don’t forget – you’re worth it.

Barry Donovan

I Was Very Sceptical

To be very honest, I was very sceptical before I started and was convinced I could also do it on my own. The result: I gained weight and I felt worse.  I underestimated the fact that I needed the support. Not only that, Danna got me to do things I was convinced I would not be able to do: quit Diet Coke to a point that I do not even like it anymore, changed to a healthier lifestyle and even started intermitted fasting.

The good thing about the program is that you learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle without skipping specific foods completely. This makes it easy to fit in my  life. If I want to eat pizza, I eat pizza! I even do not feel guilty about it  It was the guilt that always made me go back to the old (unhealthy) lifestyle in the past. “I failed anyway, so it does not matter anymore”. Danna taught me that there is no such thing as failing and that you can enjoy unhealthy moments without feeling bad about yourself. As long as you go back to eating healthy after it.
She also taught me that eating healthy is not complicated or difficult and that it even tastes good!

The biggest result for me is the way I feel. Yes, I lost weight and that feels good, but the unexpected increase in the way I feel is incredible. Apparently, before I started the program,  I had this basic feeling of not feeling well that I did not even notice, because it was just there. Now that I feel so much better, I notice more what an impact “bad choices” have on my health, mood and energy levels. During the day I feel better and at night I still have plenty of energy left to do stuff. I also notice that I am less sick or that when I feel sick it takes less time to overcome it.

Thank you Danna for this! It was really a turn around for me. Oh, and the biggest thank you for putting up with my scepticism  “no Danna, I can`t do that, it is just not for me”… but hey, you were always right

Maaike Wycisk

A Lot More Than Nutrition

I started working with Danna half a year ago. I didn’t really know what to expect, I live in a different country and it’s online, but something about her confidence and energy drove me to her and it. I came for a nutrition change which was my highest priority, but got a lot more than that from her. Danna helped guide me though a lot of life questions and difficulties I’ve had in this during this time, she asked me questions and gave me goals to achieve that made me understand a lot of things, and cleared up my way. I like how she thinks out of the box and for my needs, and never have I once felt she was judgemental towards me. She was caring and positive and funny!!!!

GO DANNA! you are doing most needed work!!!!! Many Hugs and thanks

Nataly Ben-Ari

Lost Weight Without Trying

Danna has helped my fiancé to sleep through the night! …by helping me to eat in a more conscious way and to identify foods that have a noticeable affect on my body… which have reduced my (alleged) snoring?!! …he does sleep less in the guest room, of late 😉 Also, I am much more aware of what I am eating and have miraculously lost some weight (very literally without trying, though it’s a goal in the long run) AND, she is just a super positive and encouraging and enlightening person to talk with! Thanks lovely????

Anne Robley

I Highly Recommend Her

Before meeting Danna I was convinced I can help myself. Meeting Danna was not a coincidence. We met at the right time. I have learnt a lot about food. It was interesting to see how my body was reacting to the new food lifestyle. She connected me with doctors who are supporting me now. I highly recommend her. She is interested in her clients. It is not just about money making but helping the person. Today I can say: “Everyone needs a coach to solve an issue which has not been working for years”.

Sunday Marbach

Best Investment I’ve Made

When I started working with Danna, I was always exhausted to the point of tears. I was also suffering from anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain, and was unable to lose any weight. She not only guided me and my family to make healthier choices on our diet, but also coached me into a better and more balanced lifestyle. She also encouraged me to push my doctors for answers, and I’ve found out I am coeliac. Danna was then essential to our transition to being a gluten-free household, offering plenty of healthy alternatives that became our new staples. Her programme was the best investment I’ve made for my own health and well being, and also my family’s!

Claudia Hollings

Finding A New Me

The Urban Cleanse program with Danna was the beginning of my lifestyle change. Through Danna’s great support and championing, I have learnt over time that little and bigger steps were bringing me very far away on my journey toward improved health. Danna is a wonderful coach: she is patient and committed, she listens and she fully understood when I was having hard time and facing challenges (the journey was not always easy for me!). She constantly looked for solutions and tips to support me, championing me and gaining my trust. Before meeting her, I was convinced to know a lot about health and wellbeing but Danna made me discover much more and truly helped me to find a NEW ME. I am really grateful: thanks Danna!

Silvia T.

Urban Cleanse Group Program

I Loved How The Program Was So Simple!

It took Barbara a couple of years to finally join the Group Program. When she finally did she started seeing results really quickly.

It’s Not About Dieting, It’s About Adopting a New Lifestyle!

Graciela made some incredible steps towards healing her relationship with food, and enjoying every single bite.

Managed To Change My Life Around

I have loved working with Danna! I have struggled with weight, emotional eating, and hating myself for most of my life. I couldn’t explain I’m just one post what freedom I have become from joining Danna’s program. I gave up conventional dieting 2 years ago.. and swore I would never return. I have managed to change my life around and feel so supported from Danna and everyone in the group. Don’t let fear stop you this time! You can and will be successful in changing how you and you family eat and function.

Dana Koller

I Can Confirm It Is Possible!!

I was motivated to joined Danna’s Urban Cleanse for 2 main reasons: Lose weight (I had twins a year before) but most important I wanted to be a role model to my kids who were already eating everything that was around. I have been eating a very high carb diet all my life and add to that sugar and a lot of junk food… I have to confess I was really skeptic at first that I could really leave all that behind … I couldn’t believe that I would be able to change carbs for veggies and make it a lifestyle…. but decided to give it a try! And I can confirm it is possible!! I have lost weight and most important I am feeling physical and mentally good!!! Danna guidelines and always on approach, together with the group format is a great way to get into something new and clarify all the doubts!!

Ileana Diaz

My Whole Family Has Benefited

Do you know the quote ‘common sense, common knowledge but not common practice’ well I thought there was an element of that when I first began working with Danna but she brings so much more to the table. She is a font of knowledge and the little person on my shoulder saying ‘is that a good idea when planning a meal or snack?’ I have made lifestyle changes that I can stick to and more importantly make me feel good. My whole family has benefited. My husband is loving the meals and healthy treats and Danna has actually helped my daughter with specific issues so we are all very grateful, she definitely goes the extra mile. Don’t think about it, sign up and work with Danna and Organilicious

Nicky Mole

Got Back in Shape!

I can’t recommend enough Danna’s 30 Day Urban Cleanse! I learnt so much with her in such practical way. I had fun through the process, learnt new delicious recipes (that came to stay in my menu!), got amazing tips of local products and on the top of that: got back in shape! I thought 30 days wouldn’t be enough to change my habits, but it actually was! I thank myself everyday I decided to be part of it! I definitely want to be part of other programs of Danna’s soon!

Josana Mendes

My Skin Looks Amazing!

I found Danna while looking for a detox program that would help me feel more energized naturally – I am a very energetic person, but being a working mom who travels long haul fairly often I found myself drinking redbull everyday – and that would help me get rid of some sugary habits and “hunger attacks” that I had been having my entire life. In addition to this, you must all know that I can’t cook, do not like cooking and on top I am a vegetarian… I really needed something that would make sure I am getting all the nutrients I need. I started following Danna’s instructions for dinner, and to my surprise, not only I did not crave for rebdbull or waffles in the morning, but I was actually able to fast without effort, without feeling tired or hungry at all. Four days later (for real, no jokes) I realized my legs cellulite was vanishing. I even asked my fiancé in case it was just my imagination…. he agreed. 3 weeks later, I had a blood extraction where the nurse hat to split the plasma from the rest. He turned around to me (again, no jokes, got witnesses! 😉 ) and said: “woah, one rarely finds such a healthy plasma”. Could it really be my new eating habits? Since then, I feel energized and awake regardless of how my daughter spent the night, my skin looks amazing and in fact, I stopped using make up to hide the grey tone I used to have. I wake up in the morning and my face looks fresh and my eyes are not swollen .the shape of my legs and waist has changed. And last but not least, being totally honest, I still don’t like cooking (that is a miracle harder to perform than melting cellulites, I guess), but the food is so good and it does so good to me and my family that I find the motivation to do it.

Sylvia R.

She Makes Things Easy!

I have joined Danna’s Urban Cleanse to get back into healthy eating after giving birth. I have never enjoyed cooking or been particularly creative in the kitchen, and with a very active toddler, a demanding job, and a partner who travels often, pasta had quickly became my go-to evening meal. Danna is wonderful, knowledgeable and always ready to explain and share her opinion while being supportive, and I enjoyed the group format. It is helpful to know that challenges are generally shared and there are people with the same goals supporting each other.

The plans can be adapted to match one’s lifestyle. In short, she makes things easy! Recipes are interesting and tasty as well as quick and easy to make, which for me is key. It means that I don’t have to eat chicken and salad at all meals (boring!) nor try to figure out something decent and healthy to cook after a 10+ hour work-day. After a little more than a month, I am starting to enjoy cooking and I also find myself more mindful of what and how I eat. I eat much more healthily now and he occasional treat is just that, a treat, rather than something to resort to for the lack of a better alternative. I hugely recommend working with Danna if you’re curious about food and its impact on overall health.

Giulia Gramola

Healing My Relationship With Food

I loved my program with Danna where I learnt so much about food in general and building healthy habits (and keeping them!). I came in with an open mind and was surprised by how much this has added value into my life, specifically in healing my relationship with food as well as helping me provide my toddler with great foundations moving forward. It was a very fun, interactive and challenging (in a great way) program. Danna is super approachable and supportive – I would highly recommend working with her.

Maelle Bucquet

Can’t Recommend it Enough

Danna’s 30 Day Urban Cleanse is amazing and I can’t recommend it enough if you want to cut cravings and live a healthy lifestyle! It helped me break my sugar addition and to find healthy alternatives to gluten and dairy products that I used to think were impossible to give up. I have more energy, better focus and can feel my body telling me what it needs (and what it doesn’t!). The weekly meal plans provide delicious, easy to make recipes for the whole family to eat so you don’t need to make different meals…and you don’t feel hungry or restricted! My favorite part of the cleanse was the weekly zoom calls and Whatsapp group where we could ask questions, share recipes and support each other. I’m normally the type of person who would try to do this on my own by creating a meal plan with all the “healthy” cookbooks I own, but I always fell off the wagon after a week of being “really good”. Danna’s system works because it incorporates accountability, the time needed to get into a healthy routine and delicious recipes to keep you on track. I would recommend this for anyone who has struggled with sticking to healthy eating and wants a life change!

Julie Blume

Without Feeling Restricted

The main reason I chose Danna’s Urban Cleanse program was because I wanted tangible steps for eating in a healthier way that supports my body, mind and wellbeing. There is so much information out there, and I did not want to spend a lot of time and energy figuring it out on my own, especially considering all the contradicting advice. What I particularly loved was learning how to make healthier choices when it comes to nutrition, that I can actually sustain long term without feeling restricted. After the program ended, I decided to keep implementing the changes that best fit my lifestyle and preferences, and I noticed that my body fat percentage has been steadily declining; again, without feeling restricted.

Cristina A. Moraru

A Great Way to Kick-Start a Healthy Lifestyle

The 30-day urban cleanse is a great way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle change. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious – even my picky kids liked (most) of them. Danna’s fantastic support made me feel more motivated and confident in the kitchen than ever before.

Karin Waldhauser

Exactly What I Needed

The Urban Cleanse is the perfect way to jumpstart healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes.  It was exactly what I needed to improve my nutrition and overall health.  The program provides an abundance of information, support and delicious recipes.  If you have a sweet tooth, don’t worry, you will be more than satisfied!

Cassady (mother of 4)

Amazing Program

Thank you again for your amazing program. It gave me so much knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. I have learnt a lot from you. This is not only a simple menu plan what you have provided us. You have taught us so many important things about my body and health. I love your menus as it is totally suitable for all my family. Healthy food doesn’t mean to be boring. The recipes are very delicious and easy to prepare. I found  the shopping list amazing and it made my life so much easier. I could plan my whole week easily. I love intermittent fasting, my body loves it. I will continue it for a longer term. Your weekly meetings were very motivational and we have received all the relevant information. The only challenge I faced was Easter. A person like me, who is struggling  with continuity needs 3 weeks without any Holidays. I have started the program again and I am sure that I can implement it into my daily life.

Gabriella Györfi

Wealth of Knowledge

Thank you Danna for your fabulous Urban Cleanse programme. I found your wealth of knowledge and easy to follow family recipes amazing. There are many sustainable eating habits that I will continue to follow. As a fitness trainer, I know that health and fitness go hand in hand and its amazing to fuel your body the right way for you and you gave us the opportunity and guidance to do so. Mindful eating is my take-away.

Sarah Wouters

Transition Into a Mindful and Healthy Lifestyle

Danna is a very resourceful and inspiring health coach and a pleasure to work with. She has been helping me strengthen the transition into a mindful and healthy lifestyle. I love food and I pay a lot of attention to what I eat, but I was missing a way to make it a nutritious indulgence without preparing meals for many hours a day. Danna has this amazing way of bringing this all together and making it a sustainable change.

Karolina S.

Changed The Way I think!

I’ve been following Danna for over a year now. I’ve struggled with being overweight most of my life and was getting really bored of always cooking the same thing for the family. So I decided to join the 30-day Urban Cleanse. I’m really glad I did as even one week in I’m getting more value than I had expected. For example, intermittent fasting is something I’ve been curious about for a while but I never took the plunge to try it as it just felt too scary. However, with Danna’s reassurance, sound reasoning, explanations and support, I’ve taken to fasting so easily. This is a game changer. I’m not hungry but I’m able to give my body a break from digesting food constantly and I know how to feed my body with the nutrients it needs before and after the fast.

The other thing that I’m loving in the program is all the new yummy recipes. There are some new ingredients and different ways of mixing and combining things that I’ve just never thought of before. I love food, cook a lot myself and therefore need to have great flavour and variety in what I eat. I also have 2 hungry and sometimes fussy boys, but 90% of the new meals we’ve had have been an enormous hit with them and will go on the regular meal rotation at my house from now on. I am part of a group of wonderful ladies going through the program. It’s great to hear how others are succeeding or trying different things. I feel supported and not at all alone. I’m looking forward to the rest of the program and taking this approach to food forward. Danna’s really changed the way I think about what I’m eating.

I highly recommend the 30-day Urban Cleanse for anyone who wants to clean up their eating habits and be supported along the way.

Helen von Dadelszen

A gift to last a lifetime…

I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in October (a big wake up call to change what I have been doing almost all my life with food for my own health) and saying yes to Danna’s program in January has so far been the best thing ever for myself and for my family. I feel good about what I am providing them, with all the new recipes of real food and so much knowledge the program has provided me. The best thing I can provide my children is the gift of health with tasty real food, a gift to last a lifetime…your health.

Diana Fluehmann

1.5 weeks into the program

I’ve often thought about moving to a healthier lifestyle, but was never sure where to start and it seemed like a lot of effort. However, in her Urban Cleanse Danna made it really easy and fun to do. She gave lots of clear advice throughout and was very generous in the knowledge she shared with us. We had lots of delicious and ‘doable’ recipes to try and doing it with a supportive group made it fun. I believe I’ve been able to make some big and lasting changes for the health of myself and my family going forward.

Melitta Campbell

Energy Boost and Moderate Weight Loss

I really enjoyed my Urban Cleanse with Danna. It was exciting to discover new approaches to my diet. As a vegan, Danna helped me adapt and custom-made recipes for me. Indeed the weekly meal plans were a fun way to add novelty in the kitchen, and several of the recipes were declared “the best ever” by my relatively fussy 12 year old. Danna promised an energy boost and moderate weight loss – and I experienced both. Short nights seem to affect me less and I have lost 2 kgs in one month. Danna has lovingly and expertly set the scene and given me the tools and knowledge I need.

Tanya Murphy