Nutrifix Group Program

CHF2,500.00 CHF1,295.00

Duration: 6 months

This entry-level program is where you can get full support on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, while being on a budget. The best thing about it all, is that you not only get to do it with me, but with a group of amazing ladies who are sharing your journey!




Do your health concerns keep bugging you, but you’re simply not sure what to do? Is stress keeping you up at night? Are you concerned about your family’s diet? Do you feel that your lack of energy is keeping you from being more productive? Are you happy with the reflection you see in the mirror? Did you always wish to have a health coach hold your hand and help you tackle your main health concerns, but budget always stood in your way? This is all about to change. The Nutrifix Group Program is the perfect solution for you!

What you get:

  • 1x Health History
  • 2 Week Menu Plan
  • 12x Group Support Sessions (once every two weeks)
  • Lifetime access to Closed Facebook Forum
  • Lifetime access to Online Platform
  • Endless Resources, Webinars, Videos and more
  • Exclusive Discounts to Online Shops and Products
  • Danna’s Personal Recipe Book