How Nutrifix Can
Change Your Life

Let’s go on a life changing journey together

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you done trying every single diet there is out there, feeling food deprived and always coming back to the same number on the scale?

Do you feel addicted to crap food, and rely on sugar and caffein to get you through the day?

Do you want to live a life full of energy, vitality, happiness and feel amazing in your own skin?

I totally hear you! Only a few years ago I was EXACTLY where you are! I was sick, I was constantly exhausted, almost 20kg more than I am today, and simply miserable. I tired different diets, only to feel deprived and depressed.

You see, not only did I just have 2 kids one after the other (15 months apart), but I also lost the most important person in my life to a terrible disease. I was heart broken and confused. I didn’t want my own family unit to be touched by the illness that took my mentor, my best friend, my roll model, my grandmother. I didn’t understand how someone who always made sure everyone was eating well and keeping healthy could suffer so much and for so long. How someone who’s life revolve around food (healthy, hearty homemade food), pass away weighing less than 40kg and not being able to eat on her last months on earth. I needed to figure it all out, and I needed to do it fast.

What I know now, after 8 years of dedication, thousands of hours of studying and investigating, is mind-blowing. Let alone the fact that problems and illnesses I thought were genetic completely went away, I actually managed to shed those extra kilos without much of a struggle, and regain my confidence, my energy, and most importantly, my happiness! And guess what, I’ve helped many other women bring their health from good, to GREAT!


By working with you using a personalized approach, giving you the right tools to set realistic goals and reaching them in a user-friendly and sustainable way, we’ll be going on a beautiful journey together to get you to where YOU want to be. There’s no one-diet-fits-all. No living on lettuce. And no spending hours in the kitchen.


Personalised Approach

This tailor made program will not put you in a box! Together, we will find out what makes YOUR body thrive.

Coaching Calls

In order to keep you accountable and on track, we’ll have one-on-one calls every two weeks, to support you on your path.

Holistic Approach

Food is important, but let’s not forget our emotions. We’ll focus on self love, and tackle important areas of your life such as relationships and career.

A Mountain of Resources

Lifetime access to our online platform will give you all the knowledge you need in order to really understand what healthy living is all about.

Balanced weight

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, or gain it, we will make sure your body reaches a balanced weight the right way.

Menu Plan

What would this program be without some quick and delicious recipes, and an easy to follow menu plan.

Sustainable Results

Let’s work together to reach the goals you want, and keep them for life. Once you’ll start feeling and seeing the amazing results, you will never go back.


Do you miss feeling energized? I know how you feel! Together we will find the best way to re-energize and recharge your body!

Already decided? Choose your program and get started!

Still not quite sure?

So I’ve put together a mini version of the real deal. That way you can be totally sure you’re making the right decision when you decide to join the 6-month Nutrifix program. And the best part is it’s completely FREE!

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