Tea Vs. Coffee

Tea vs Coffee

Tea or coffee? Both? Or neither??
A question I get on a daily basis – is coffee good for me?
The answer is not as simple as most hope…
Coffee can be very beneficial to some people, helping them feel more awake and alert, while others (me included, unfortunately) feel wired, anxious and miserable. Some people are only slightly sensitive to caffeine, which often means they feel fine after having a cup of joe, but their quality of sleep gets damaged. Even if the last cup of coffee they had was at 2pm, their sleep is still affected.
Despite some conflicting studies, we do know that good quality coffee is rich in antioxidants, is a great supporter in cognitive function, and supports heart health.
Having said all of that, we also know that coffee is addictive, may cause digestive issues and depending on how you drink it, may not be contributing to your caloric intake (think cappuccino or latte with an extra serving or two of sugar).
My general recommendation when it comes to coffee is this – If you know you’re not sensitive to it, stick to black coffee or espresso, and have 2-3 cups, cutting off your coffee intake at around noon. See how you do and tweak along the way.
When it comes to tea, there are so many kinds and types, it might take me all day to get into detail… So I’ll give you my very short version of an answer and promise to go into more detail in another post.
Black tea is the highest in caffeine. If you’re looking to cut down on coffee but feel like you still need that extra energy boost, give it a try, and see how it affects you. Green tea is incredible for you, and most people who are sensitive to caffeine don’t react to green tea which is great news. Herbal teas are great, and there’s a huge variety out there for you to choose from. Rooibos tea is very flavorful, and closest to black tea in flavor, yet totally caffeine free. Then of course there’s white tea, Oolong tea, Pu-erh tea… the list is endless.
The most important part when choosing tea, is to preferably go for loose leaf tea, best organic. Tea bags have been found to be a good 50% plastic, which isn’t only harmful to our environment but also to our own health. Steeping it in boiling water only makes matters worse. Make sure to not go overboard with tea either. Up to 4 cups a day is ok, but always try to notice how certain amounts and certain types affect you, and go from there.
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